Domki Zakopane

Enjoy Zakopane

Regional, wood and rest in Zakopane

Zakopane dla Grup

All Inclusive Operator

Udany odpoczynek w Zakopanem - kameralnie i regionalnie, przy kominku,
odpocznij w jednym z naszych obiektów noclegowych.

Skutery Śnieżne Zakopane

Snow in Zakopane

Snow and Winter - amaizing time in Zakopane
Winter expeditions on snowmobiles and sleigh horses in Poland.

Quady Zakopane

Summer in Tatras

Unique moment, you will remember forever,
in the mountains, in the company of the best guides in this country.

Rowery elektryczne Zakopane

Bikes in Zakopane

Over 200 bikes that give pleasure
and great experience during bicycle trips around Zakopane and the surrounding area.

Sala Zabaw Zakopane

Playground for Kids

We give children fun and smile in Zakopane, for many years as the undisputed leader,
owner of the best attractions for families with children.


The COT Group in Zakopane

The COT Group gathered around the owner of the company Oskar Pieprzak – is a team of young, passionate, and joyful people, the best specialists in their fields. Every season COT ensures active leisure for tourists in Zakopane. We create personalized programs for organized groups. Great attractions, a hotel base, and our sports and recreation equipment rentals – we have everything you need. We support groups – we organize integration events, company trips, and unique attractions. The COT Group serves tens of thousands of individual tourists and hundreds of groups annually in Zakopane and the entire Podhale region. High-quality customer service, reliability, and focus on customer satisfaction – this is the basis for building relationships in our locations in Zakopane and in creating online sales. The owner of the company is Oskar Pieprzak, who has created a team of the best specialists that has ever worked at COT. Oskar Pieprzak built the company as a self-made businessman, independently and on his account, his hard work, courage, and determination. Today, he owns several hotel facilities in Zakopane, assembles strong brands around the Zakopane market, and also has significant resources in the media and the Internet. He is also a husband, great dad, lover of quads and snowmobiles – teaches Poles how to drive these vehicles. In the offer of the COT group, you will also find – snowmobiles, bicycles, quads, scooters, paintball, integration events, sleigh rides, playrooms, playgrounds. We invite you to our offices in Zakopane, as well as B2C clients and B2B partners for cooperation.


We serve thousands of tourists in Zakopane every year – good feedback is confirmation of quality – and high quality is a beautifully spent time. We do everything to make it beautiful, tasty, hospitable, and regional.


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Oskar Pieprzak
Funder & CEO

Oskar Pieprzak

Oskar Pieprzak, a local entrepreneur who successfully completed several tourist investments in Zakopane. He is an expert, and leader on the Zakopane market in the field of tourism, recreation and accommodation.