We’ve organized hundreds of sleigh rides, thousands of integration events, and these experiences have built up a sleigh offer in Zakopane. The sleigh ride itself will be unique, the scenery straight from a fairy tale, great fun full of an unforgettable experience.

We know that only traditional sleigh rides behind which stands the organizer who watches over the fun, are sleigh rides that will be a pleasant memory for life.

The organization of sleds, bonfires, and sausages – is not enough. Such a sleigh can organize anybody, not looking at the sense, quality, atmosphere, and, most importantly, people’s expectations. A sleigh ride must have a backroom; it must have its own – unique – place; every element is thoroughly planned. A well-organized sleigh ride is like a wedding in the open air – a super event with highlanders around the campfire.

Zakopane, Gubalowka, Chocholowska Valley, Krzeptowki are carefully selected locations, the place where the sleigh ride takes place, and the place of the bonfire is a unique thing. We have to make sure that everything would be beautiful and safe. During the sleigh ride, everything runs smoothly, we act comprehensively, professionally, and on time – we take responsibility for it.

The Chocholowska Valley is the most beautiful place for this type of event in Poland – what kind of sleigh ride choose? We recommend sleigh rides and bonfires in the Chocholowska Valley; it is the best place for a sleigh ride with children.

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Sleigh Rides in Zakopane
ul. Droga na Gubałówkę 2A
(lower part of Krupówki, next to underpass)
34-500 Zakopane, Poland

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