At COT, we work with passion. We choose people who put their heart into their work and set the company’s goals with us. Knowledge and information are provided at every stage of cooperation, directly from employees or managers at COT, or from external companies that train our staff.

In the history of the company, we have excellent examples of how a person without experience, without adequate preparation – after several years at COT becomes the best specialist in the company and even in the industry. These are people who, together with the company, want to grow and develop, and their plans and visions are long-term.

We employ a dozen or so people, behind whom whole families and households stand. Everyone lives well, raises children, loves their partners, and what is very important they have time for them – because they work five days a week and rest regularly on holidays – we care about each other at COT. Our employees live in Zakopane or the surrounding area, somewhere in Podhale. In each variant, the journey to work takes 20 minutes, and even when winter starts, snow is falling, and traffic jams are in Zakopane it is still 20-30 minutes away because of various locations of our offices and facilities in Zakopane.


Many people came to Zakopane for an adventure, for the Tatra Mountains, for love, and peace. Such people also work in COT – ending careers at the other end of Poland; they were able to come to Zakopane for peace, passion, and development. We value it very much – every employee is our friend and a good member of the team. We make sure that everyone is satisfied with the job and the place of living. We can advise and guide how to choose a flat, where it is peaceful and where you can find a home with a beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains, and commuting without traffic jams.

That’s how COT works together – a company created by Oskar Pieprzak, a businessman, who with hard work and determination, built company just for modern Zakopane. At the age of 26, he bought a guest house – he still invests – to this day – and puts something new and always high quality to Zakopane tourism. Every day a husband and father of three sons, a Polish champion on quads. He lives for 100%, full of passion for work, plans for the future, and a beautiful life.