Order Breakfast Catering with delivery in Zakopane

How to order a healthy, hot breakfast with delivery?

1. You choose your breakfast package.
2. You order comfortably ONLINE.
3. We cook your breakfast in a professional kitchen.
4. We pack it safely and nicely (Covid-19).
5. You pick up comfortably in your cottage or apartment in Zakopane.

Is the breakfast most important meal of the day? Definitely! Especially in the mountains, we should ensure a decent breakfast, because many adventures await us during the day. What if you are staying in a rented room, cottage, or apartment where they don’t serve breakfast?

Luckily, you can still rest and stay away from the kitchen! All you have to do is order your breakfast package and we will deliver it straight to your door!

Local breakfast packages for everyone!

Why do our customers love our breakfasts? Because they have the opportunity to taste products from local suppliers. And we are talking not only about oscypek cheese. Each of the breakfast packages that we deliver to you includes lunch meats from the Podhale smokehouses, as well as vegetables and eggs from local hosts …

Our breakfasts are very diverse and each package can be expanded with your favorite products. We also have special breakfast options for vegetarians and children.

Delicious breakfast in Zakopane with delivery? Order now!

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Breakfast Catering with delivery in Zakopane
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