COT Group


The Tourist Organization Center has successfully created and supported tourism in Zakopane for 14 years. We are a young team of the best specialists. Every season we care for active leisure for tourists, and we also provide attractions for organized groups in Zakopane.

Over the past years, we’ve built a modern company that serves over 60,000 clients annually in Zakopane. We can provide the best attractions for tourists, a regional hotel base, and comprehensively organize integration events, events, family meetings, and company trips.

Extensive experience in the tourism industry gives you a guarantee of reliability and high quality of our services. Today, the COT tourism and hotel industry is a leader in many segments of the tourist market of Zakopane. The company is managed to the highest standards, focuses on high-quality services and friendly customer service.


Oskar Pieprzak
Funder & CEO

Oskar Pieprzak

Oskar Pieprzak, a local entrepreneur who completed several tourist investments in Zakopane. He is an expert on the market and a leader in 7 tourism segments in Zakopane in the field of tourism, recreation, and hotel industry. He is 40 years old and has been developing his business with the best mentors, coaches, and trainers in Poland.

He is also a loving husband and father to three sons. Together with his family, he actively and pleasantly spends every free moment. He loves mountains in any form - on foot, by bike, by motorbike, quad or snowmobile - he shares these passions with his sons.

He is also a professional athlete - he knows perfectly well what diligence, discipline, character, and determination are. It was the sport that taught Oscar life, failure, and success. As a team, he is several times Polish Floorball Champion, a representative of the country at the World Championships. However, individually for eight years, he is the best crossover quad in Poland, winner of the Polish Cup in 2013, and twice the Polish Championships in 2015 and 2017. Currently, he is the 7th player in the world after completing the most challenging quad rally in the world in April 2019.

In business, it focuses on quality, truth, and responsibility. In sport, determination, and faith. Daily learning and humbleness in personal development. At home for peace and time for the family. He wants his children to be World Champions in their passions and dreams, and he will do everything to make it happen.

Halina Olesiek

Halina Olesiek


A person with great passion and a big heart. He loves mountains and Zakopane. With her hard work, she gained competence and, also, she put her heart in this work, which is why today it is a pillar in our company. Every weekend, breakfast is in a mountain hut.

Monika Maśnica

Monika Maśnica


Takes care of the formal and administrative part in the company, with extensive experience checks and arranges the system of work and employees. Always ready for action. He values ​​peace and spends his day off from work with his loved ones.

Eunika Żurek

Eunika Żurek


A new transfer to COT quickly assimilates new information, is characterized by accuracy and innovation, which is why it is worth having Erice on your team. He loves contact with the client, that's why when booking individual attractions, Eunika will be your guardian and advisor.

Mariusz Batkiewicz

Mariusz Batkiewicz


makes sure we can be seen in the media, hotels, in the city, and Podhale. He takes care of administration in our company.

Tymoteusz Żurek

Tymoteusz Żurek


One of the best baristas in Zakopane, every day at COT, he works on servicing groups, events, and integration events. A professional in what he does, curious about the world and people. Because the catering industry is close to him, ready for large orders and intimate events, which he always organizes with a smile and great fun.



Dobrze zorganizowana impreza. Ogólnie jestem bardzo zadowolony.

Filip Marczak

Już kilka lat współpracuję z nimi przy organizacji szkoleń, konferencji i eventów i nigdy się nie zawiodłem.

Zbigniew Głowacki

Bajkowa przygoda w Zakopanem! 🙂 Pełen profesjonalizm Pana Przewodnika, widoki na Tatry – polecam!

Halina Babeł

One of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time!! Professional staff, incredible scenery, exciting ride on the powerful snowmobiles. The 3 hour trip is definitely worth the price, we even had a small bonfire to grill some cheese and sausages. We will be back soon!

Bánáti Barnabás
local guide