Scooters called from the Czech “Koloběžky” are of Czech origin, and from 2019 are also available in Zakopane. We organize a ride with scooters from Gubałówka to the center of Zakopane. Kolobiezki is a hit in the coming years in Zakopane.

Kolobiezki – Cruissis and Kostka are the best vehicles in the world for city driving – in Zakopane and off-road. They are great at descending terrain giving incredible emotions and freedom that you will not know on any other vehicle on wheels. We work as a scooter rental, and as an organizer of beautiful downhill runs in Zakopane. Equipment and customers are transported to the top of Gubalowka, from where they descend to our base in the center – it is a 7 km long ride along city roads. Everyone receives an application that guides you to your destination and a phone holder for the handlebar. It is an attraction that you must try. In Zakopane, we fell in love with scooters, and we will promote and popularize them under the Tatra Mountains. A great summer attraction in Zakopane at a very attractive price – only PLN 45 for one ride full of experience and emotions – duration, max 1 hour. We also have electric scooters for riding around Zakopane.

Kolobiezki Zakopane
ul. Nowotarska 27B
34-500 Zakopane, Poland

Tel.No.: +48 609 697 444