What attractions await for you in Zakopane – in the summertime?

What attractions await for you in Zakopane – in the summertime?

Summer is a great time to relax in the city under Giewont Mountain. Tourists have the opportunity to observe the beautiful nature, and the time spent in the open air allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the region. Various activities and forms of relaxation are available. We can say without hesitation that the section entitled – Zakopane attractions will not disappoint anyone, even extremely demanding.

For lovers of peace & quiet

Some of you – coming to the Tatras – a dream of releasing stress, calm down, break away from the monotony, and gain positive energy. Nothing works better than fascinating nature, beautiful landscapes, and silence. We suggest you choose one of the routes and set off on a bike through Podhale. Being active in such sensational circumstances is fun and brain-relaxation. Do not mind then fatigue, or the fact that overcoming mountain areas is quite a demanding occupation. On two wheels, we get to various corners, get to know the region, and enjoy the climate. Importantly, we serve the body with a portion of the movement that has beneficial effects. It affects our physical health and good mood.

Or maybe give up what is on land and go on a raft trip? Rafting down the Dunajec River is super fun and an opportunity to enjoy the views from a different perspective. We easily relax and forget what the word “trouble” means when there is water, greenery, and mountain peaks around. Rafters who tell jokes or interesting legends will take care of our perfect humor. Their company is a colorful element of the whole trip.

Madness, and a pinch of adrenaline

Peace and quiet can also get boring. Then it’s time for an activity that increases the level of adrenaline, and at the same time is a challenge. I’m talking about expeditions on quads. Riding these four-wheeled vehicles is a fantastic experience. The roar of engines, dust that is everywhere, mud, difficult terrain – the attraction draws men and women, young people, and the elderly – anyone who wants to feel freedom and have a great time.

It is worth getting to know the offer available at quady-zakopane.pl. The company proposes, for example, quad trips combined with a visit to thermal baths, rafting, or an evening trip with a bonfire. There are so many options that everyone will find the right one for them.

Participation in a unique cultural event

Zakopane – tourist attractions in the summer – is a topic that also includes popular cultural events. One of them is the International Mountain Region Festival taking place in August. Regional bands from around the world, accompanying events, workshops for children – it is worth participating in such an interesting festival. There will be excellent music, dances, and interesting facts. Being part of a highlands holiday is a guarantee that your visit to Zakopane will be long remembered.