Highland sleigh rides in Zakopane – COT is preparing for the 2019/2020 winter season

Highland sleigh rides in Zakopane – COT is preparing for the 2019/2020 winter season

Sleigh rides in Zakopane are great fun and adventure

Many people do not like winter, considering it is bleak and dreary. Indeed, when there is frost outside the window, and it is snowing, it is difficult to force yourself to leave the house. However, we assure – it is worth noticing the charms of the season and visit a place where we will see how wonderful it can be. Of course, I’m talking about Podhale. This region looks excellent in the winter edition. It guarantees incredible views, various activities, and attractions. One of them is highland sleigh rides – Zakopane.

Discover the magical corners of Zakopane and the surrounding area

The Tatra Mountains are a mass of dazzling places. Peaks, trees, meadows, valleys covered in snow this view make an impression even on those who think that they are not particularly sensitive to the works of nature. When we rush our sleigh ride, it’s like a fairy tale, and we absorb the extraordinary atmosphere. We completely break away from everyday life; we leave behind all worries and focus only on the views.

There are various routes available, all picturesque and phenomenal. Tourists willingly decide to use the variant – sleigh ride Zakopane – Chochołowska Valley. Some people love rides during the day when the sun is shining. For others, learning from a sleigh perspective after dark is a lot of fun. It is then mysterious, and the mountains seem more dangerous.

Additional attractions

Searching on the Internet offers sleigh rides, we quickly realize that there are not enough of them. In our opinion, it is worth to decide on those that guarantee something more. COT has prepared for this season many additional attractions for people who choose to ride a sleigh with us. Additional attractions such as a bonfire, meeting with a storyteller or zbójnicy (someone similar to person from Robin Hood crew) will be a great addition to sleigh ride. Everyone probably agrees that when staying in the Tatras, you should get the most out of the holiday and make it pleasant. We think that organizing a sleigh ride with family or friends is a great way to spend time during our stay in Zakopane.