Electric bicycles from COT – HIT 2019 in Zakopane

Electric bicycles from COT – HIT 2019 in Zakopane

When we are planning holidays in the Tatra Mountains, most of us dream of spending as much time as possible actively, close to nature. Such rest is an excellent regeneration of our mental strength, many of us in this way “recharge the batteries” for the whole year. Often looking for alternatives to traditional trips on mountain trails, we also begin to be interested in bicycles in Zakopane.

Our appetite for cycling trips increases when we see that by bike, we can also visit a part of the Tatra National Park. For example, the Chocholowska Valley or Droga pod Reglami. We remember our walk to those places, and we already know that being there by bike is a real ADVENTURE that we want to experience! Lots of fun, beautiful memories, closeness to the Tatra Mountains!

We are planning further points worth visiting on a bike right away, around Zakopane. Thanks to the bike, we will avoid traffic jams, queues, and crowded buses. Everything is perfect!

Ahhh, we’re almost looking for a rental when our common sense speaks. Bicycles in the mountains? I am not fit. I don’t exercise. I can’t handle it! Why should I go on vacation and exhaust myself ?!

Although cycling in the Tatras is not the simplest one, we don’t have to worry about it anymore! COT and … electric bicycles come to the rescue!

Finally! The joy of an active day is available to everyone

Electric bicycles are the perfect solution in the mountains. Why? A person with a very poor physical condition, who does not exercise at all, can get on an electric bike and ride the most demanding routes without increased effort. Roads that were previously a luxury for experienced cyclists are now available to everyone.

To start your cycling adventure, click “PLAY” on a bike.

The joy of cycling

When riding an electric bicycle, you pedal normally, and the engine supports you. Thanks to this, with minimal input of your energy, you can achieve surprising speeds. We feel the tremendous value, strength, and support that an electric bicycle gives us, especially on steep climbs which we can ride on effortlessly!

At the same time, electric bikes do not take away the joy of practicing this sport with their construction and operation. We feel like on a regular bike when riding an electric bicycle. We also run it in the same way, thanks to which there is no problem with learning. Only the LIGHTNESS of driving and our amazing achievements (acceleration, driving uphill) remind us that we have support! 🙂

An adventure you must experience

A trip on electric bikes is a ready idea for a wonderfully spent day full of joy in Zakopane.

Just riding an electric bike gives us a lot of fun, joy, and relaxation! Yes, this is not a challenging ride! It’s a recreational, relaxing bike ride. Thanks to this, you can focus on admiring what is so beautiful around you — great views, close to nature, skimming streams with wooden footbridges. Or maybe you will come to a real shepherd’s hut to taste the delicious oscypek cheese and cut a chat with a shepherd?